Texas Spleen

by Gary Hardaway

Human Males Will Kill Us All

Can we survive our Y chromosome?

I think not. From the Sumerians onward,
the Y leads us to conflagrations brutal
and useless. Leads us to a predation,
social and economic, that puts the world
of mammals at climatological risk.
The plants and bugs and microbes

will adapt as the lions and tigers
and bears (Oh my!) lie down
in sediments of soot and plastics.
Fuck the humans. They deserve
extinction. It's the lions and
tigers and bears (Oh! My…) I mourn.

Atlanta Was Spared by Mistake

Sure, Sherman burned Atlanta.
He should have salted it as well,
as Rome did Carthage. Prevent
the offending weed from flowering
again. Consign the city to oblivion.

When to Stop Drinking

Stop drinking when
you can't stand up
to pour the next drink.

Various Titles for Trump After January 20, 2017

Asshole in Chief
Motherfucker in Chief
Fuckwad in Chief,
Shithead in Chief.
Moron in Chief.
Dumbfuck in Chief
Shitbag in Chief
Scumbag in Chief
Cretin in Chief
Serpent in Chief
Idiot in Chief
Cheeto in Chief
Hair Piece in Chief
Golden Shower in Chief
Thief in Chief
Lizard in Chief
Brain Death in Chief
Zombie in Chief
Useless Piece of Shit in Chief
Psycho in Chief
Never my president.

January 20 Haiku

How resilient are
these crumbling United States?
Too soon, we'll find out.