Seven Haiku for Sad and Scary Times

by Gary Hardaway

January 22 Haiku

Cigarette smoke drifts
fog-like in the cold, half dark,
early morning air.

Astronomical Haiku

Mars hovers dimly
above and left of Venus.
The sky shines as life.

January 29 Haiku

The Cheshire grinning
moon cups itself to capture
Venus should she fall.

Genealogy Haiku

My people were people
never recognized by
important people.

February 5 Haiku

The king of bullshit
mountain shows off his only
written words- his name.

February 14 Haiku

Calendar pages
drop like spent leaves to litter
whatever season.

Ash on an Old Man's Sleeve Haiku

My moments of great
happiness are gone. The days
fall soft as ashes.