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sharing words

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it's all too simple to write these words and forget why we try so hard sifting through word play looking for meaning not there soon losing desire... but not losing track or focus of what drives us; it lies in plain sight. yet is far from reach

Night and Day and

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wonder what I will / into life versus out of / habit let happen

Some Nature Haiku

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The proud, burly tree / Rests on the now crashed TV / Thanks a lot, nature

Kahen no Ame

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A Haiku for a wandering writer, on a long journey.

little incidence - (haiku love series - #1)

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you choose to be mine when you take hold of my hand - silently, i'm yours

stoplight - (haiku love series - #2)

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stoplight - (haiku love series - #2) eyes lock in a gaze glimpses of my future spark then you walk away

Joel, I'm Not A Concept

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Email flash: Kate Winslet is separated hope wells in dry souls

Five Flaiku

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Fly Haiku

Five Flaiku

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Fly Haiku 1.As I cast my linethe lake trout move toward itthe wind at my back 2.The wind at my backmy body remains at peaceas I cast my line 3.My body remainsas my mind sets to wanderamongst the lake trout 4.My mind sets to floatthe lake trout move toward itas I cast my…

Untitled Haiku from Japanese Game Show by JANEY SMITH

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It's a haiku. It's its own snippet.

These Gothy Days

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Three Haiku

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Memories When it rains I sit on the porch with an ice cream and waste away the memories of my youth Banana peeling yellow skin mushy, squashy, slimy, thin throw the peel away Mystery of the Deep …


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Early morning cokeBottle. Did Katie callHeiddegger "Skippy"?Remember years backWhen we studied so hard andHa ha, just kidding.As you age, neverForget you are dying noFaster than before.


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9 January

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Side morning lightthrough hydrangea crab, reachand shine off patio ice