H-M Brown

Occupation Writer and Tabletop Game Designer
Website <https://www.coqui-san.com/ Coqui-san Official Website>

About Me

I am a writer in the genre of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror, looking to share my stories with everyone.

I am currently updating Arcana Magi Universe and posting the updates in my Youtube channel, Arcana Magi Official.

Why do you write?

My Mantra:

I write for everyone to read and enjoy.
I write to train hard to be a good author.
I write so I can learn the Art of Foreshadow.

For me The Way of the Writer is this:

We have something to say.
We have ideas to share.
We have information to relay.
We want to communicate.

For me The Strength of a Writer is:


Any favorite authors? Books?

I am primarily influenced by the stories of CLAMP like Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, xxxHolic, etc.

Other influences include JRPG video game stories like the Grandia Series, Lunar Series, and Xenogears.

Minor influences includes H.G. Wells and War of the Worlds, Douglas Adams and The Hitchhikers Series, and the anthology series The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

H-M Brown's Wall

Joe Kapitan – Oct 01, 2011

Thanks, H-M, for reading and commenting on Feral. Much appreciated.

H-M Brown – Apr 16, 2011

I just wanted to let everyone who visits me know that I have Facebook page and your welcome to join via the link above.

Robert Travis – Sep 02, 2010

Thanks for the welcome! I look forward to taking a read through your work. :)

Myra King – Jun 09, 2010

Thanks, H-M for reading and commenting on Purple Patch - it was fun to write!

Veronica Purcell – May 29, 2010

Hi there. I've linked your blogspot site to my own. Your stories have great potential. Keep at them.

Susan Tepper – Apr 29, 2010

HM, Friends we are. And thanks a million for your wonderful words on Level, I was very moved by what you wrote

Susan Tepper – Apr 29, 2010

HM, though we had a heated exchange on the forum, I hope we can put this behind us and continue to be friends. Have a nice day

H-M Brown – Mar 26, 2010

I just wanted to let any Arcana Magi reader know, that my Group Page Link has fallen out of Fictionaut's Front Page. You would have to click on Group to get to the Arcana Magi Universe link. If you are interested in reading the entire series, I highly recommend adding my Group Page to your Favorites so you can go directly into the Group Section instead of using the Fictionaut Search Engines to try and find my Chapters. It's very convenient this way. Thank you for reading Arcana Magi. :)

Erica 'Irk' Bercegeay – Feb 22, 2010

Web serialists unite!

LynnAlexander – Feb 16, 2010

Hello, popped over from your question about comic cons. Maybe I'll bump into you at one some time!

Susan Tepper – Jan 21, 2010

H-M, it was very nice meeting you at Cornelia Street. I really enjoyed the poem you read!

Finnegan Flawnt – Dec 17, 2009

thanks h-m - and good to see you have joined "second tongue"!

Finnegan Flawnt – Dec 15, 2009

hey, h-m, welcome. i like your picture! i'm lagging badly behind with my readings ...simply too many stories pouring in. hope to get a good read in over the hols including yr longer pieces for which i need more leisure. cheerio & enjoy, ff

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