by Damion Hamilton

I believe in the

Collective conscience

Of Mankind

Whatever the masses want

Comes into fruition

Some genius will create it

If we want war

We will get war

We don't want peace

So we never get it

Just consider

The smartphone

What a great device

It seems as if we should never

Be bored again

And believe me

I know what boredom is

I have a degree in it

But with the smartphone

I can always be engaged in something

Its hard to get bored

U have so many choices for entertainment

It seems like too many

You can get on your smartphone

Whenever you are bored

And believe me there is so much

Boredom in this world

We bore ourselves to DEATH

I see people on their phones


Waiting for buses and trains

At work

While driving

Even in the bars and restaurants

We are so bored


I relate

Very few people

I know

Are where they want or need

To be

Don't blame me

That is the human condition

We are stuck somewhere

Somewhere we don't want to be

So we get on our smart phones

And go some where else

Of course.