Arcana Magi Zero Arc 2 - c.2

by H-M Brown

      Madam Mayweather waited underneath her Sunshine spell. She wiped the sweat from her brow, looking up at the night sky beyond the fake sun floating over the city. She a bird in the air slowly descending towards her. She gathered the luggage when a giant crow landed on the street.
      “Hello Ren.”
      The old crow hopped around the car with wings wide open. “Hello Karin.”
      They hugged each other, then they pulled out their long pipes. Ren lit a match with his mana hand that formed over his head and shared it flame with Mayweather. Together they took a puff, leaning on the car.
      “So where are the Guardians?”
      “Ran off in a moment of crisis.”
      “I see.” Ren looked over at the luggage. “Theirs?”
      “I will send someone to get it.” Ren waved above and a crow flew down. “Call the other crows and have the luggage sent to the shrine.”
      With a nod, the crow flew into the air.
      “That's a lot luggage for two girls.”
      “They brought their parents here for moral support.”
      “Family is very important.” Ren took a puff. “Speaking of family, how are your children?”
      “They are doing well. The grandkids are little tornadoes.”
      “Heh heh heh. The young.”
      “What about my ex? What trouble is he causing?”
      “Satoshi broke out of prison in all the chaos.”
      “I still can't figure out what happened to him.” Mayweather took a long deep breath. “After what we went through, I can't believe he would call for a Purge Spell on a child.”
      Ren became silent. It caught Karin's attention. She leaned over to the bird to get his attention.
      “You found out about something?”
      “No. I'm still baffled about how he turned into a member of the Neko Clan.”
      “He has his soul, so we know demons are not involved.”
      “Still, someone out there has the power to turn people into a Clan.”
      “I'll concern myself with him later. We need the guardians and I hope their parents find them.”
      section break
      Marissa and Arturo ran as fast as they could around the corner. With their bats in hand they passed by people lying on the ground and cars overturned. It was just like back in Newark. Devastation everywhere. Some people they ran past scurried into a corner, murmuring with glazed eyes. Other people lay dead beside some animals. Their bodies appeared crushed from a stampede.
      “My god.” Marissa said. “What going on in the city?”
      “It's okay.” Arturo said turning another corner. “The girls are in the air. They won't be in the middle of this mess.”
      “And you think the air is okay? What if someone attacks them?”
      “You're worrying too much. The girls can handle themselves.”
      Marissa stopped running. She watched her husband slow down and turned back. Her eyes became daggers piercing his chest. When Arturo touched her shoulders, she pulled away.
      “Our daughters are in pain right now.”
      “Don't you think I know that, but your freaking out…”
      “Freaking out?! Take this seriously!”
      “I am. What do you want me to do? They have their own minds and we can't just force ourselves on them.”
      Marissa covered her mouth and then slid her hands onto her back. Looking down at the ground, she took a deep breath.
      “Marissa, I think the girls know we are concerned… scared of what happened to them. We know they want to tell us something. They know it too but are having a hard time.”
      Marissa walked and Arturo followed.
      “I feel helpless Marissa.” Arturo said and she stopped, slightly turning her head with eyes wide open.
      “I'm sorry. I don't know what to do.”
      “We find them. By them we all get back together, maybe they'll be ready to speak.”
      Suddenly, a child crying echoed around the corner. Marissa and Arturo looked at each other then ran toward the scream. They both turned the corner. Before them was little boy running away from a teenage girl carrying a staff larger than her body. She just stood still in a one-piece frilly skirt, long gloves to her elbows, with knee length boots and long stockings, all colored white and lavender. Her long black hair was like a lion's mane, when she turned around her young face was tanned and her eyes were grey.
      “Karin?” Marissa said, and the teenage girl raised her staff into the air and in an instant and flash of light flickered once. Marissa and Arturo dropped to the ground covering their eyes. When Marissa swung her bat, the wave of energy flew past the girl without a flinch. She felt a force of energy pushing her down, she could the fingertips of her husband. Holding tightly to the bat, hoping to lift it one more time, her blurred eyes closed.
      section break
      Megumi flew behind Alysia. She called out her sister's name but it went unanswered. Megumi picked up speed, though it was a struggle since Alysia was faster. She took out Fable and flipped to a page with a rope drawn on it. She placed her hand over the sketch and her magic circle appeared ahead.
      “Rope.” The drawing came to life and reached Alysia. Tied itself into a not, forcing her to stop. Megumi flew around to face her and she saw the redness of her sister's face. She reached out to her but was met with apprehension. “Enough of this Lys.”
      Megumi towed Alysia to the ground. They both hopped off their gliders and the Rope disappeared. Megumi grabbed Alysia by the shoulders. They both looked each other in the eyes.
      “The contacts are irritating me.” Alysia said.
      “Well what did you expect when you cry a lot.” Megumi stepped back and Alysia removed her contacts revealing her grey eyes.
      “I'm sorry. I didn't want them to see this.”
      “Lys, we have to tell them now. We can't keep going like this.”
      “I know.” Alysia looked at the contacts on the palm of her hands. “I thought bringing them here and showing them what happened was going to make things better, but…”
      “They can't help us if we don't talk.” Megumi placed her arm around Alysia's shoulders, and her sister leaned her head on Megumi's chest. “They're our parents.”
      “Yeah, I know.” Alysia lifted head slightly, her eyes locked to Megumi's. “I just feel… different.”
      “So do I.” Megumi tightened her hug. “But we need to keep calm when we fight, and not be angry at everyone reaching out to us. I owe dad an apology. Mom too.”
      “We should go back.” Alysia put her contacts back on, and she found herself rubbing them.
      “Come here.” Megumi took Alysia by the hand and approached a fire hydrant. She flipped to a page of a drawing of a wrench. She made it appear, using the magic circle to twist the cap off. She guided Alysia close to the water and splashed it into her face.
      Alysia waved her off to do it herself. “Thank you.”
      Megumi looked at the area around them. There was no one around. Not even the houses had lights on.
      “Where are the people?”
      “They probably…” Alysia stood up straight wiping the water off her face. “…ran off from the Nocturne.”
      “Or maybe the Nocturne got them.”
      “I don't think so. The city isn't under a dome like back home.”
      “You're right.” Megumi approached Alysia and checked her eyes. “Are you okay?”
      “Yeah they're not irritating anymore.”
      “Okay, let's get to the shrine. Mom and dad are waiting for us.”
      “Let's fly.” Alysia and Megumi made their magic circles, but they stopped short when they saw a young man at the end of the street. Their eyes trembled and their feet moved them back without thought. The young man stood there dressed in what appeared to be equestrian attire, with a rapier sword at his side. He approached them. His look on his face was stoic, his grey eyes uncaring. The girls stepped back slowly, aiming their weapons toward him as their magic circle disappeared. Alysia grabbed Megumi's hand and they turned to run but they found a woman approaching them. She was tall with long flowing black hair and grey eyes. She had a black gown on from head to toe with a pendant. Her silk scarf wrapped around her arms and rested behind her neck. Their presence, the energy they are emitting, weakened the girl's movement. Fear pinned them in place. They stood quiet as the adults observed them.
      “So you have felt the girls presence Myriana.”
      “Indeed Darius.”
      “Who…” Alysia said. “Who are you?”
      “The dolls have made it out of the dome.” Darius said ignoring Alysia.
      “Valdeguard's plan has failed.” Myriana said passing by Megumi as if she was invisible.
      “It does not matter. Satoshi has moved the plan forward.”
      “So it is inevitable.” Myriana said looking at Alysia closely. “She looks exactly like Alysia.”
      “Huh?” Alysia stepped back, trying to keep her distance.
      “It's strange how identical people in different universes can have slight differences.” Myriana placed her hand on Alysia's hair. “This Alysia does not have white hair.”
      “No.” Alysia aimed Saga at Myriana. “Are you from the Suzaku Universe?”
      “Interesting.” Darius said. “So she must be one of the Four Pillars who went to the K?ryu Universe.”
      “Lys.” Megumi leaned to her sister's ears. “Is he talking about that world you went to?”
      “It does not matter Darius.” Myriana said ignoring the girls. “They are helpless to do anything.”
      “Shame.” Darius said looking at Myriana. “They would have served Valdeguard well.”
      “What do you think happened to the girls?” Myriana's pendant glowed. “Huh?”
      Myriana lifted it up. She saw an image of Karin with Marissa and Arturo lying on the ground. She sighed and showed Darius.
      “She has much to learn.” Darius said. He spoke through the pendant. “Young lady we do not have time for trivial matters. Leave the ants be and return.”
      Karin just stared at them and Myriana turned to the girls and presented them with the pendant. “Young ladies, go to Karin and bring her back to us.”
      “What?” Alysia said.
      “Mom. Dad.” Megumi said looking at the pendant.
      “We must all return. Valdeguard is waiting. Get her.”
      “Who's Valdeguard?” Megumi said and the adults just stared at them.
      “You know who she is.” Darius said. “Now bring back Karin.”
      “Hold on a sec—” Alysia was interrupted by Megumi, pushing her back. “Wait, I'm not done talking.”
      “Alysia! Calm down.” Megumi looked back at the adults and leaned closer to her sister. “Forget them. They're not attacking us. They think we are on their side. We should focus on getting mom and dad, and then we tell them.”
      “What?” Alysia looked at the adults standing there without a care. “They know the answers to what happened to us.”
      “Lys!” Megumi stared her sister down. “They're not worth it. Mom. Dad. That girl has them.”
      “Right.” Alysia nodded. “Right.”
      The girls turned to the adults and their magic circles appeared under their feet.
      “We'll get Karin.” Alysia said and Myriana tossed her pendant to Megumi. She and Megumi hopped into the air to cast their spell.
      “Mana Glider!” The girls flew up into the air leaving he adults behind.