Arcana Magi Cross: Kame's Song

by H-M Brown

    Kame landed ashore, only the full moon gave him light. His flippers pushed his turtle back shell over the wet sand. The waves assisted in pushing him forward, until he reached the dry sand. He saw a small resort town ahead. The lights were out in the businesses and homes. There was no one nearby. Exhausted from his trip, he turned around ready to rest a bit before he searched for a safe spot to sleep for the night. With the bright moon's reflection off the ocean, he could almost see a flash of memory of Manami. Despite Ai's words echoing that it was not his fault, for the first time in his life, he felt it was. He stared deep at the ocean, his mind focused at the bubbling waves that crashed onto land. Mana soon enveloped him and he sang.

    Rest tonight my Avatar
    May your sleep bring dreams to your heart
    A dream that brightens your sky
    That allows you to reach high
    Know that you are not alone
    Where ever you may go
    Become the amazing star
    So I may watch you from afar

    Be brilliant my friend
    And never let it end
    For when I look up in the night
    I know that is you shining bright

    May you ride the tide
    May the currents guide
    Our time together
    Our friendship forever
    Kame hummed softly, and bubbles from the ocean rose into the sky. Mixed with Mana, each one shined bright in the moonlight, a near rainbow formed. He could see Manami among the floating bubbles; he could feel her smile as he shed a tear. A pain eased as he kept humming, unaware of a house light turning on from the distance, and a girl looked out from the window.