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Men on Mars

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My love was photovoltaic, not Elizabethan.

Little Green Rednecks

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“I was listenin' ta one o' them Terran religious broadcasts 'bout Mother Earth when they up an' says that global warmin' was all the fault o' mankind, an' they had ta make the non-believers see that all the drivin' they did, an' all the stuff they bought

Messages to Mars

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Babylon Tower is AWESOME! The captain of the ship announced our arrival in time for everyone to view it on the screens. First Class got to view it from the viewing room, and they disembarked first. Steerage got off last. What we saw upon arrival was w

The Further Chronicles of Mars (tribute to Ray Bradbury)

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And in the dark caves a new secret, hidden from flyby probes and the imagination of men. In these new caves, names for the loved ones, Bradbury, Clarke, Rover

Alpha Three

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Jerry turned away from the window to face the box on wheels. Its camera would scan his face, looking for the answers.

Seven Haiku for Sad and Scary Times

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The Cheshire grinning/ moon cups itself to capture/ Venus should she fall.


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The monkey did not live for long. He’d lost interest in the stuffed dog pretty much right away. The farther away the shuttle, the more garbled and fanciful the sign language the monkey had been taught became.