Kat Moore

Location Memphis
Occupation Bookseller
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About Me

Horrible past, pleasant present. A non traditional college student with a focus on creative writing. Minimum wage book slinger. I have been writing since I was a little, innocent, and blonde. I live in Memphis and have an overwhelming fear of being robbed at gunpoint. I sound fluent in French if you don't speak it, and if you do, I get really nervous and sound terrible and accidentally switch words and make no sense. I am very unorganized, but like it that way.

Why do you write?

I don't know why I write. It is just in me. I don't understand it nor can I take credit for it when it comes out good. It's almost like possession.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Milan Kundera is my favorite. I like the way Hubert Selby cuts me. I went through the stereotypical bohemian phase in high school...I was lost and out of place. My three favorite poems are My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke, A Supermarket in California by Ginsberg and I have been a Stranger in a Strange Land by Rita Dove.

Kat Moore's Wall

Katie Moore – Feb 12, 2012

Thanks for the comment on the Eve piece. I am really glad you liked it! The more we interact on the internet, the more I think it's just silly that we haven't met in the world yet.

Robert Vaughan – Feb 10, 2012

Welcome, Kat!

Soon to be deleted – Feb 08, 2012

Keep writing. Love your work.

Darryl Price – Feb 06, 2012

Kat--we're glad to have you with us.

Kat Moore – Feb 06, 2012

Thanks JP. I think you gave me the best review that I have ever recieved! Thank you! I read your profile and I am an undergrad at the University of Memphis.

Joani Reese – Feb 06, 2012

Hi Kat: Just read your piece on the board. Excellent writing! Welcome to Fictionaut. Lived in Memphis (Germantown) for ten years. I still miss it.

Kat Moore – Feb 05, 2012

Thanks y'all!

Benjamin Matvey – Feb 05, 2012

Welcome Kat!

Katie Moore – Feb 04, 2012

Hello fellow Memphian. Welcome to the madness!

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