Lore Prior

Location Ronkonkoma, NY
Occupation professional slacker
Website http://www.writalin.tumblr.com
IM (AIM) energyturtle3

About Me

I create profilactic balloon animals with my pinky toes. Sometimes I am a crazy wildchild pseudo-bohemian neohippie party animal. Other times I am not. Always and always I will lie stories like writers do. oh, and good people, those kind of wonderfully beautiful souls who shine out of every pore and orifice with tingly vibes, they make the world go 'round. and writers are fucking sexy, I wanna crawl inside their brain squigglies. I'm dysfunctional.

Why do you write?

I write because I am a liar. The fetal position helps.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Authors: Tom Robbins, George Saunders, Hunter S, Palahniuk, Vonnegut

Books: The Giver, Jesus' Son, The Neverending Story

Best story of all time: Harrison Bergeron. find it.

Lore Prior's Wall

jiji – Mar 27, 2011


Marcus Speh – Mar 26, 2011

"whoring" is fucking fantastic, if i may say so, adopting a language that's not really my own (really isn't). and i enjoyed yr comment on frankie sachs' piece on huck finn, too. cheers from berlin.

Soon to be deleted – Mar 25, 2011

Thanks for joining my groups :) hope you'll send something sometime

Misti Rainwater-Lites – Mar 24, 2011

hi lauren! so happy to meet you here. thanks so much for commenting on my vagina & saphris pieces. i look forward to reading more of your work. <3

Frankie Saxx – Mar 24, 2011

Hi Lauren! Daisy's stuff is here: http://daisydanger.com

(You're posting a book?! I am so going to read that.)

Gary Percesepe – May 26, 2010

alright you two, break it up. unclinch.

fn police

Robb Todd – May 03, 2010

I guess I should have sent that too you in a message. Can you delete that before the Taliban gets my email address? I had to block Osama from Facebook and Twitter already.

Robb Todd – May 03, 2010

Maybe Robin Williams IS your dad. You bust the nanu nanu like it's genetic or something. I don't like the fictionaut wall. You can send me an email sometime, if you like. robb at robbtodd dot com.

Robb Todd – May 02, 2010

For some reason when I look at your Spock hands I want to say nanu nanu, which is totally wrong but idk know why. There is a dog barking like a screaming baby in the hallway right now as I type this.


Lore Prior – May 02, 2010

Star Trek kind of owns my world. this double wall thing is confusing. it should be amended.

Robb Todd – May 02, 2010

well played in the park, m'lady, well played indeed

Robb Todd – May 02, 2010

I like that in your pic you are doing the double-Spock. Skilllllzzzzzz.

And being 100 has it's advantages, trust. I responded to your comment on my wall, but fictionaut walls are weird. I guess you'll have to go there to read it.

How was BK today? I hope you hit the park or a bar or both.

Lore Prior – May 02, 2010

special to me too!!

Robb Todd – May 02, 2010

lauren oh, you know just what to say to me


I am the first to write on your wall and that is special to me

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