by Deborah Oster Pannell

Let's fuck like 20-year-olds, darling
wrap ourselves around each other
and fuck our way to the stars
Let's cross that line between you and me
and the stuff people pay to see
I know pleasure
        and it is this
all over me, you, covering, separating,
discovering, repairing, blending,
        again and again
When we were younger, we moved to the beat
        without thinking
                 without knowing what
                            we were really doing
blindly stumbling
        into one another
                  like cattle on a range at midnight
                             dewy grass beneath our feet
Now we know more of what life is all about
seen our share,
been to the barren wastelands
done our thing and been flying,

I've got to know if
you understand how deep this is
I need your arms around me
in understanding of bliss

This is not an accident
This will change
           of course
           but maybe we can
know the darkness together
           keep in step for a time
and let the rhythm
           rock us to the stars
for a little while
until the sun of the morning
moves our hearts to
           an earthly beat
           once again
And oh the ache
           of knowing death
           pulls at us both
the familiar quiet
           of solitude
that is no longer enough
always beckons
always promises
its final silence

my forever is with you