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sex at antioch

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the definition of beauty is easy

Children are always beautiful

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“Your children are beautiful,” she said, handing back his wallet after removing several bills. Her mouth was fringed by bitten-off melon lipstick, a calm kind of mad. She told him to call her Sally, “like the song McCartney rips his lungs on.” She…

Olmsted Traveled Here

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Have you ever seen the red-brown bodies of sweet potatoes spaded from the earth, each clinging to a series of roots hung with driblets and particles?


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The rocket shone in the distance. Cape Canaveral had never looked so pretty.


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Ireland - her beauty is like a drug.

Gin And A Cowboy

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"Just sitting here trying to ascertain the meaning of life."

Big Dipper

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“You’re not in Saigon anymore, Mai Bi'ch,” I said, craning to read her name badge. “They’ll need to be much better than that if you want to stay in this country.”

Flaming Beauty

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Okay, it was a long shot but who in that room wasn’t desperate to shift that shit? All our jobs depended on it.


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"If only we could all look like that." "Truly lovely … such a perfect face." The gallery was busy that day. But still the man and woman stood.

for my mother on mother's day

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My mother, now a girl again, cares for ex-cons.

flower boat

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When the box hit bottom, the rope snapped and the flowers scattered and the silver fish of the blue green darted and turned and shot off through the rain of pink.


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Crimson dawn cloaks the starlit night,devoured flesh canvassed fright.Memories flash,as moment’s lapse.Feelings trapped,my love gasped.

The Immediacy of White

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But she is snow-blind, twice stunned by day and the immediacy of white –

The Peacock and the Dragon

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A work day outside my office window an old woman raises short arms to the sky a slow dip down body twisting she is Wind, Sun, Life embroidered on her silk coat the body of a peacock draped over the body of a dragon …

X, Chapter 15: Terrycloth Mom

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"You seem like a very nice avocado, but I really don’t think I am supposed to mate with you.”