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Once she said she was freezing, she said, “I don't belong in this world, my time has come to go". Once she said she was freezing, she said, “I don't belong in this world, my time has come to go".


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Let's fuck like 20-year-olds, darlingwrap ourselves around each otherand fuck our way to the starsLet's cross that line between you and meand the stuff people pay to seeI know pleasure and it is thisall over me, you, covering,…

Possession: Notes for Zulawski

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Blood smeared in the hugging choke of her courtier. Our only recourse is to confront life with the benefits of a choke. “Please, don't make me force you.” Should misery be a reassurance when love is destroyed? There are reasons: “My wife doesn't live with

Assessing Beauty

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If I knew beauty, I could/ wake her where she dreams,/ persuade her to inform each/ gestured choice I make.

Assessing Beauty

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We can’t be sure. Perhaps it is/ some slight exaggeration of one/ or several elements that steals our breath.


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When you embraced me, I felt amazing.I rode miles today to play cards and drink Dr.Pepper with you. Today was the first time. As you whispered the words, the key, I felt your body tighten with mine.


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...something in her raw vulnerability and daring beauty drove these men wild...


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Esmée sat alone at a table on the terrace at Marina Jack’s in Sarasota. She had been there ten minutes and no waitress had approached her.

I'm Drinking This Cup Of Coffee (A.K.A.) I've Never Smoked A Joint

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I thought about how chocolate or an hour massage, can almost trump sex. Then, I bought a chocolate bar and ate it all, without consulting the serving size. It was dark chocolate, 82%, worth it in the short term--- mmmm. I thought about getting stoned.

by the sound of it

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cicadas run our furnace

Of Roses and Hyacinths

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The blooms are practical/ and cannot see themselves

What We Know but Can’t Describe

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We know them just enough/ to recognize them when we find them.

The Work of Beauty

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the steady, persistent work of beauty