Ian Wolff

Location Brooklyn
Website http://www.ianzwolff.com

About Me

I'm a mostly unpublished writer who survives as an editor at a culinary magazine.

Why do you write?

The fear of the anxiety and nervous breakdown that would ensue if I were to throw in the towel keeps me typing.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Gombrowicz, Walser, Lydia Davis, Stendhal, Gogol, Gary Lutz, Celine, Beckett, Eudora Welty, Bolano, Felisberto Hernandez, Macedonio Fernandez, Hempel, Baudrillard, Bataille.

The Story of the Eye, Moby Dick, Molloy, Magic Mountain, The Spider's House, Samuel Johnson is Indignant, Pastoralia, Ship of Fools, Ask the Dust, Wise Blood, Platform, What We Talk About When We Talk about Love, The Golden Bowl, Against the Day...

Ian Wolff's Wall

Darryl Price – Oct 02, 2012

Hey Ian--welcome!

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