Dave Kirkwood

Location North
Occupation Designer
Website http://www.davekirkwood.com

About Me

I've been a graphic designer for 30 years. Last year I created 3hundredand65. I am not a writer nor am I an artist but somewhere in between there's got to be a place for me.

I'm happiest in a wild place in a second hand book shop or at my drawing board.

Why do you write?

Ideas come to life, I can't kill them nor can I hold them all in my head so I write them down or I draw pictures. Sometimes I do both at the same time and that's when it gets exciting.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I love poetry and I could give you a long list (starting with Alice Oswald and Ted Hughes) but I won't. I love anything drawn by Frank Quitely and Kev Walker that's also written by Alan Moore or Grant Morrison. Neil Gaiman is a favourite as is Roger Deakin's nature writing. A truly broad and eclectic taste.

Dave Kirkwood's Wall

Jerry Ratch – Mar 12, 2013

Welcome, Dave.

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