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I live by a creek in Minnesota with my daughter and (don't laugh!) my EX husband (isn't that crazy?) Anyway, some of my stories have been published online and I was supposed to have a story forthcoming in an anthology, but sadly it's been about two years since they wrote me and still, no anthology. So, I'm thinking I probably don't have a story forthcoming in an anthology after all.

Any favorite authors? Books?

favorite stories/books Lolita (I had to think twice about starting off my list with Lolita, I mean, first impressions and all...) War and Peace, Watership Down, To Kill a Mocking Bird(I think I'd most like to write one like this..It's my pipe dream)I have really enjoyed a lot of Short ones by Joyce Carol Oates..the story Heat haunts me to this day. I love Neil Gaiman's American Gods and fell madly in love with his childrens book Wolves in the Walls. And even though he looks a little like Professor Snape, I think he's damn cute. But then, I kind of like Alan Rickman, too and yes, I have read all of the Harry Potters and....enjoyed them. But then...I live with my EX husband so....I loved Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men, I love Huck Finn more than Tom Sawyer, And Hester Prine is my hero. I like all kinds of books and authors, non fiction and fiction, but I will probably never ever read anything written by Sarah Palin or anyone like that. Not ever.

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J. A. Johnson – Jun 02, 2011

Hi Kim! Hope you're well. Still teaching at SW?

James Lloyd Davis – Dec 23, 2010

I wanted to thank you for the fave and the wonderful comment on "The Color of Mangoes." Thank you.

Ramon Collins – Dec 22, 2010

PUNK and METHOD are extraordinary stories. Obviously, you are a positive addition to FN (what is your horse's name?).

Marcus Speh – Dec 22, 2010

thanks kim for commenting on "winter" - i like this idea of turning the story into a christmas card. or imaging it came from a card. from the pole, of course. "method of exhaustion" is brilliant, btw. blessings for xmas!

Marcus Speh – Dec 18, 2010

kim, thank you for your comment ... i'm glad you found me because this way i found "punk" and it's a jewel that i greatly enjoyed. looking forward to read more, too!

Shelagh Power-Chopra – Dec 07, 2010

Thank you for commenting boyfriends, Kim. Yes, those paragraphs creeped me out as well..!

Meg Pokrass – Dec 03, 2010

Hey Kim, i did get your message - have not been on this site a lot lately but am looking forward to reading your stories!

Sara – Dec 02, 2010

HA. That's actually the day I joined the 'naut -- can't believe it's been a year -- should prob update the profiel. (I'm actually a Virgo and all that comes with, Virgo through and through.) Anyway. Welcome, here. Looking forward to reading more -

Kathy Fish – Dec 02, 2010

Kim, you really have a printed out copy of "Moro"? I am very flattered. And thank you for adding a star to the story!

Ramon Collins – Dec 01, 2010

Welcome, Kim. I told at you there are great writers and all-'round nice folks here. Meg & Kathy are prime examples. There are many more . . .

kim teeple – Dec 01, 2010

Hi Kathy! Hi Meg!

Kathy Fish – Dec 01, 2010

Cool to see you here, Kim!

Meg Pokrass – Dec 01, 2010

Hi Kim! Just saw you are here!

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