aksania xenogrette

Location hovering or recovering
Occupation virtual entertainer
Website http://nylonghost.tumblr.com/

About Me

if i'm not on twitter i am probably sleeping.

writer, artist, multiholic, space mermaid

here you can listen to me read

my twitter poetry

to a lively



Why do you write?

i work in warehouses, i work with my body, the dance of inanimate objects, boxes galore. i draw, paint, sing, sculpt mermaids, and poems, rants and stories. i complain about many things, and accomplish little. i love nylons and thrive in skirts and socks and hair-clips to bring the muses of ether closer, to be inhabited by the words, to swim in the silver flow. all this and more, to bamboozle squares, and exhibit color, perhaps like a male bird, or an orchid. i am honored to be among you fine writers, and welcome any feedback. ~especially cutting criticism, insults, and discouragement.

Any favorite authors? Books?

i mostly read the dreams of birds on twitter. you have no idea the beauty and inspiration to be found in the birdhouse unless you have visited the nests and bowers to be found within.

aksania xenogrette's Wall

Jane Flett – Feb 24, 2013

Space mermaid! I like your style.

Robert Vaughan – May 25, 2012

Welcome to Fictionaut, Aksania!

Benjamin Matvey – May 20, 2012

I'm excited to read your work! When you do post something let me know. Easiest way to that is to tweet it out to @BenMatvey. Promise I'll RT

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