by aksania xenogrette


        i'm screwing on the Listerine lid

   with refining mask on my face

when Larry asks me

      what do i think about

when i brush my teeth?

    …as if he cared

i almost laugh

   because i swear

i could swish

and burn

   with a smile on my face

            forever, just thinking about my

                        dental hygienist
                   his pretty hands
            rubber gloved
                  flossing my teeth.

     the strawberry taste of
       fluoride gel, my mouth puddles

           with drool at the sound of

            his perfect ivory
            voice telling me
            i brush too hard.


                        i think about 

                                    those little
                                    x-ray tabs.

                           he tells me
                           to bite
                           and hold still.   
           then i pop them out
              with my tongue,
           on cue.

  i would do anything     
           for my dental hygienist.
 even brush softer and floss.


  i spit in the sink and say to Larry…


           i think about getting my teeth whitened...