a grey green enamel vase in the rain

by aksania xenogrette

miss wide eyes is a pomegranate tired and gone to seed

fancying the sun's the only one who sees her bleed

we hover black as carrion birds with a glut empty need

to ripen all to see them fall yes that's the game agreed


there my love I see her now she's heavy as our stare

fussing with a fastener in a moment unaware

that we are always watching for a molly fit to scare

it seems to me she's fell as thee and knows exactly where


we posture anxiously spitting falsehoods on cue

twittering like snipes cause there's nothing left to do

she might have spent her whole life just waiting to ignore you

for even starry eyed whimsy wenches get to grace the avenue


stalky in flower every limb covered in thick skin

without a scar all pitch and tar still fluid and quick within

feeling every shoot and runner screaming ready to begin

making fine lines where the limbs split to feed our shady grin


idiots on stilts never see the audience

we're busy making mockery of providence

staring tipsy eyed at coincidence

staggering away clumsy from innocence


I feel drab looking at her grace

at the calm perfection on her sad face

it seems to me that she has found her place

a grey green enamel vase in the rain