two little water molecules

by aksania xenogrette

icicle on a tricycle
trying to fly north
he is late of course
always sleeping in
shoving it to the last
drip where the shovels
crack up the tears of him
without her aloft above
the plains of basilisk nil
it wasn't really ever fun
stuck halfway up the spoke
the snowflake next door
when the met and ended
up an ocean away from
isis's irises where they swam
magnet to magnet then
the cruel sun burnt her
away into a gale then
sleet he gurgled with
eddie the pike till
he yearned and
twirled the oracle
of spider gloss
till he slipped
alone into the sky
to find her in a violet
rain they splat together
back to back on the rail
in the rumbling tumbling
weeds and reeds they
rust forever together
where sandpipers rail
alongside a little girl
her riven name is trill
the train skipping
acrobat 1137 steps
her sundresses and
rainbows her irises
mirror fireflies mandibles
going down on cold creek
an old floppy hat
a dragonfly nymph
trebeled and dressed
in the hot tears of summer
for sweet eyeballs hidden
beneath the jagged
rocks where crayfish
claw to coleslaw
an insane raccoon
washes and cracks
open section breakcaw cawsection break needle
crows wth vinyl diamond
teeth smacking in the
iridium moonlight so
peaceful this last breath
they croon to the scream
of a cute little baby
field mouse gouged
bled torn to shreds
claw and beak
peep. steep. go on.
eat little owlets
of life skipped
like a stone
tumbling from
the cracked hills
locomotive dreams
one little water molecule
looking for one love
in a universe full of anything
every zen fractal string of xyz
a gazillion to the power of one
two little water molecules in one
teardrop how their lips taste when
they kiss when we lick the icicle
left in the freezer last winter
when we first fucked