Patti Hall

Location Pacific NW, USA
Occupation writer

About Me

Writer- Poet, Blog Website, Freelance, Fiction (Essays, Stories, Books), Memoir and Journals.
I enjoy my solitude, but am a caring family member and friend who spends my time between the beach, writing, reading, gardening, traveling and digging into family history.
This me writes & edits & writes some more. Dragging out 30+ years of writing to see where it will lead me next.
This me is Grani, to what seems to be, a small tribe. Okay it is only 5 (now 4), but they sure feel like more. I can't imagine how big the tribe would be if I had more than 2 children.
This me is called Cave Girl by the locals. I don't get out the beach, the P.O., the library, the damn grocery store when I have to, and back to the beach.
This me gardens with mom, garage sales with dad, and hangs with my Alaska family in the summer months.
I am also a widow (2009), lost my sis (2012) and my little grandson (April 26, 2013)

Why do you write?

Writing has never been a choice for me. I am driven to write, can't sleep until it is out, can't concentrate until it is written. My children and grandchildren have fueled a good deal of my creativity.
Issues I feel strongly about feed the fire too.
Lately, I have been fueled fuel by grief...trying to write myself out of it...

Any favorite authors? Books?

Oh, my. I am a voracious reader. I have recently reading a lot about WWI, which started with an incredible book, The Given Day by Dennis Lehane. Ken Follett, Anne Lamott,Dr. Suess...
I'm going to cheat & look at my at my books, then get back to you.

Patti Hall's Wall

Steve Finan – Jul 09, 2013

Thanks v much for the comments on a Boy Named Suicide Patti.
Very insightful.
Love your photo too, Cave Girl.

Gary Hardaway – Jun 28, 2013

Thanks for the kind response to "Saturday Housekeeping".

Barry Basden – Jun 14, 2013

Thanks so much, Patti, for your kind words about Tomorrow. And did you have anything to do with all those views? I'm puzzled.

Joani Reese – Jun 08, 2013

Patti: Thank you for your kind response to "8 AM." I appreciate it, and welcome to Fictionaut.

Amanda Harris – May 28, 2013


Thank you for your kind words on " Letter for K". Wow. I'm really pleasantly surprised that people find this work compelling.

Amanda Harris – Apr 24, 2013


Thanks for your comment on "Never Let Me Go". Everyone seems to cringe just a little...(in a good way, I assume!).

Patti Hall – Apr 22, 2013

Thank you Gloria,
I'm reading a lot here & hope to add some writing soon.

Gloria Garfunkel – Mar 27, 2013

Welcome to Fictionaut!

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