What Einstein didn't say

by Roberto C. Garcia

First you must accept
the speed of light as constant.
If you can't do that, stop reading.

Einstein's theory says:
An observer watching a pulse of light
bounce between two space ships travelling
at light speed
sees the full length the beam must travel
before returning to its source.

The beam hits the bottom ship,
comes back at an angle & hits the top ship.
The observer believes it travels further,
light looks slower from his viewpoint.
The ship's pilot observes the beam
bounce back & forth instantly,
Einstein calls this Time Dilation
or the observer's perception of time.

Where in Einstein's equation is Body,
slave to time & decay?
Our Bodies are ruled by environment,
environment shapes perception,
perception determines reality,
reality governs what we see
& light is seen as difficult to achieve,
that which the body won't allow us be.

The human brain is wired for three
dimensions & a slow moving existence.