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The Scientist's Wife

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You’re ridiculous. Time travel is impossible, Steven.


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I NEVER SAW HIM AGAIN It felt like he was cutting my scrotum with an exacto knife. And this was only the needle, and the lydocaine squirt. The knife would come soon enough. He was keeping up a bright line of patter. He was about…

Age is Relativity

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Albert Einstein was probably the genius of our age. Joe Biden is a close second, yet Einstein not only had better hair but a keener knack to think of things that no one else could, or would, or would ever want to, since if they did, their brain would shockingly combust in a…

What Einstein didn't say

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First you must accept / the speed of light as constant. / If you can’t do that, stop reading.

Every Woman Adores a Fascist

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We liked the orderly Newtonian/ with its fundamentalist action/ and reaction, its rules

Professor Einstein's Living Proof (an excerpt)

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Light “I can escape the feeling of complicity in it only by speaking out.” The professor arrives on time, sockless. The former a sign of his polite upbringing. The latter, his lack of pretense and high …