Fictionaut or Not? Write On.

by Patti Hall

Okay,  I'm here; I'm participating. Enjoying the back & forth with other writers. Waiting for penises and fetuses to move down the "Most Recent" list, but working around them. Well, that's kind of unintentionally visual.

This essay, like many other reads on here, is fiction-not, but it all works to take words from mind to screen to mind. Keeps us in the writing-go-round of practice, practice, practice.

Still learning how this place works. Investigating writers who make comments on my stuff, and am so impressed with the quality of writing here. That should read, incredibly jealous, but so much more motivated! Following the others into the cyber world beyond this place, has led to some great discoveries; I recommend it if you have the time.

Taking moments away from my own world crisis to be here is such good therapy. Huh, Fictionaut as therapy. Add that to the benefits. 

Just answer one question and I'll let you go: Where do I go to find out more info about this place? Do ya have an FAQ? Sounds like a song.

Peace out (got that from my little grand daughter),