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Fingernail Moon (April Fools Day Challenge!)

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I jumped.

that thing that flashes on your screen waiting for you to type

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"Excuse me, but are we going to learn anything today?"

The Safety of Cups

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I take the fear out and set it squarely in front of me on the desk next to the keyboard.....

Show Me

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“Why are you always wearing a hood?” She asked. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to say anything.

X, Chapter 1: Alex

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Or at least that is the way Dad explained it one night after finishing the Emergency Vodka he hid behind the ice trays on his last night in the old apartment in Providence.


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I am a shadow. Cooler than liquid. I don't need a container to take shape.

Life Before Kant

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I doused back three Buds in the time it took him to detest a variety of subjects including the naivety of quantum physics and pregnant women.

Fictionaut or Not? Write On.

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Okay, I'm here; I'm participating. Enjoying the back & forth with other writers. Waiting for penises and fetuses to move down the "Most Recent" list, but working around them. Well, that's kind of unintentionally visual.This essay, like many other reads on here, is…

An Open Letter to my Fictionaut Family

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Dear Fictionaut Family,Some of you may recognize my name and remember reading my work, some of you may have joined more recently and be wondering what the hell I'm doing addressing you directly. I began writing on Fictionaut in 2010, during four years as I was fragmenting…