by Gerry Schramm

“Did you check Snopes? I always check Snopes when I hear something stupid like that.”

“I most certainly did not check Snopes. And it's not stupid. It's an established fact.”

“Really? Cause once I heard about that kid from that old commercial who supposedly died from eating Pop Rocks while drinking a Coke. It sounded fishy to me so I checked Snopes, and sure enough, it was an urban legend. The kid's alive and well. He's a man now, of course, but he's still not dead. He's walking around all normal. It could be something like that.”

“I'm certain this is true. It won't be on Snopes.”

“Well there's true stuff on Snopes, too. They'll check out any crazy story and get the facts. You should really contact them before you make a fool of yourself telling outrageous stories to total strangers like me. Urban legends are tricky that way. People are gullible. You've heard that crap about the Lights Out Gang, right?”

“Look, can I just give you this copy of the Watchtower? Believe it or not, I've got a quota to fill.”