fall is falling faster than your nightmares

by aksania xenogrette


stay awake for weeks


you cannot not fall


faster than the daymare


momentum heavy heavy


gravel falling on you


leaves are falling baby


feel the eaves dropping by


cobwebs in the corner


of your eyes were made


for seeing all


and then absconding


with everything left except


the ashes in the fire


shadows fell and shadows dripping


no one sews the stitches these days


when memories of halloween


are like evil ever present


in the eyes of three and four year olds


chewing sickly candy


our old minds remember chewing


edgar allen poe


and we glow like zombie eyeballs


when there's nothing left below


the vcr's on rewind


and the fathoms down below


west into the sunrise


of nightmares yet to blow


along the the railway ditches


rotten apples in a row


we wake upon fear dreaming


of another


best advice advice not given


best better vice not give at all


no rehearsing this one


this reversing hospital


no guitars guitars not given


the morning wet and new


the neighbor met unmet not giving


mercy's mite to you


scripts unwrit unwrit no warning


rising over you


they know everything


they know everything


they write plays just to explain you


there isnt any reason


there isnt any warning


this whole world is awake and alive


and there isnt any excuse


for dinasaurs...  they know it all already


they know the whole fucking script...


the writ the writ


we wrote it...


it's rising with the sun.


they draft our nightmares


while we drown in explanations


so fucking over tired


so fucking over tired...


we are supposed to be illiterate


a literate person would say that they know


we dont


so we blow


fire and bad bad storms


spun into cinema sunsets


yeah what else is new...


they cut their teeth on us, man


they learned their language from us, man


i wouldnt write these word at all


if i didnt know for a fact


that our nails are sharp


like the words we use just to get by


the rails we use when we get tired of


unraveling the ways


juice is dripping down their red red lips


so kill the explanation


will shatter the ramp


we amp we vamp


hell's steep hallucination


and they keep the world spinning for us


while we find new ways of not winning


inspite of us


we paved the road wide and straight


for the times when they think they own the causeway


forget about it this way


last time you lost your shit


you landed in their big fat belly


splayed out with the roadmap they swiped to get to us


they love us.


i dont want ot hear us waste another breath despondent


mourning the loss of us


we breathe it in and out


city centers spike the instant we wake


and when we spend nights like 20 dollar bills


they save the change


just to surprise us.


the tired phrase


anything is possible


is true.