Back Down Below

by Tim G. Young

I'm goin' to swingin London
shop the shops lose my top
(back down below)
come midnight clubs hop
volume in my head
never wants to stop
(back down below)

C'mon baby short skirt
swing those thighs high
(back down below)
dance with me until we're thirsty
cocktails in my eyes
Stars in my skies
(back down below)

Gotta be jumpin'
gotta be hummin' some tune
even when I'm alone
I'm flirtin' with the moon
(back down below)
I cry I crash
Turn myself inside the spin
lost track of time
stop and begin
(back down below)

Discover where I am
Talkin' the train ridin' the rain
dippin' my feet in the hot water
(back down below)
feelin' exactly how I feel
Fantastic and for real
(back down below)

Gotta stop to tie my shoes
Head bangin' not confused
With any other body part
keepin' time with my heart
(back down below)
Startin' me fast and slow
Back out on the street

Dreamin' is comin' round the corner
Like the lights in my face
Crowdin' around the turntable
Holdin' Jokers and the Ace
So you better feel me
Better wrap your arms tight
Yes you're right
Tonight is the night
(back down below)