Tim Young

Location Sedona, Arizona
Occupation musician/writer
Website http://www.timyoungmusic.com

About Me

Digging into Sedona, it'll be six years come July 2019. Awesome beauty and quite the alternative to NYC.
As far as history is concerned I've always been a poet
looking out for new avenues to expand.
I love books, stories, films and rock music.
I do the rock music.
I have an awesome acoustic guitar. His name is Ace.
Have a bunch of cool new songs.

I watch the little lizards prance on the rocks.
Our neighbor has named them, "Patio Lizards."

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Why do you write?

Being alive fuels my creativity.

I've learned to keep eyes wide open.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Favorite books depends on what my current reading list is but I am often drawn to Kerouac, O'Connor, Don DeLillo, Hemingway, Carver, L. Block, Grace Paley. Current reading is Murakami"s 1Q84. i also love biographies and autobiographies, especially to do with rock & roll.

Also two books by my dear friends Richard Fulco and Susan Tepper.
Is There No End to this Slope and dear Petrov, respectively.

Tim Young's Wall

Ulrica Hume – Sep 23, 2018

thanks for reading "Lost Splendors," Tim--shoes and all.

Ray Nessly – Dec 31, 2016

Tim, Thanks for you comments on Early Winter Haikus. Much appreciated!

utoo – Nov 18, 2016

Hi Tim. This is 3 years late: Thanks for your comments on my story "i walk with the absurd." Glad to get you there and safely back. Thanks for commenting, cheers.

Gary Percesepe – Aug 24, 2016

thanks for reading and commenting on my work, tim--

any friend of marcus....

Ellie Lee – Apr 21, 2016

Thanks very much for your welcome, Tim. I feel very lucky to be here.

Charlotte Hamrick – Apr 19, 2014

Thanks for your sweet comment and fav on a Defiant of Gravity, Tim.

sean m. poole – Apr 14, 2014

Howdy Tim, Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on 'That's All Folks'.

Matthew Robinson – Nov 10, 2013

Hi Tim, just saw your comment on my story "The End of My Second Life" and wanted to say thanks for reading and commenting!

Tim Young – Jul 23, 2013

Great to read your work, Charlotte.

Charlotte Hamrick – Jul 23, 2013

Tim, thanks for reading and commenting on Milk For Free.

Nonnie Augustine – May 04, 2013

Thanks, Tim. I appreciate your comment on The Most Beautiful Lady. Made me feel good.

Paul Mahlum – May 04, 2013

Thank you, Tim, very much for your comment about my story.

Tina Barry – Apr 05, 2013

Hi Tim, Thanks so much for reading and commenting on "Float to Water," and thanks for the star. I look forward to reading your stories.

Helen Yung – Mar 06, 2013

: ) thanks

did your mom have
people who called her
" hel " for short ?

and did her father say
" how about ' he ' instead ? "

Jerry Ratch – Feb 28, 2013

Thanks, Tim!

Steven Pirani – Feb 27, 2013

Thanks Tim, happy to be a part of the community!

Gloria Garfunkel – Jan 27, 2013

Thanks for your comment on Spaghetti Woman.

Janice D. Soderling – Jan 18, 2013

Thanks Tim for commenting on Carpe Deim. Warmly appreciated on a cold winter day!

Benjamin Matvey – Dec 10, 2011

Great to virtually meet you Tim! I hope to see you when we finally do get that NYC get together we've been contemplating! And I am thankful to Marcus as well.

Susan Tepper – Nov 11, 2011

Tim, thanks so much for your comments on my story "Protest", appreciate!

Roberto C. Garcia – Nov 10, 2011

Thanks Tim. I can't get enough of those things, especially from Mamoun's.

Tim Young – Nov 08, 2011

Frankie, thanks I saw that. Yyeah it wasn't me. I will look into it.

Frankie Saxx – Nov 08, 2011

Hey Tim! I think your Twitter account might have been hijacked. Unless you really are trying to sell me "The Most Powewrful Fat-Fighting Formula in the World."


Darryl Price – Nov 05, 2011

Hey Tim.

Robert Vaughan – Nov 01, 2011

Welcome to Fictionaut, Tim!

Marcus Speh – Oct 30, 2011

Hi Tim, thank you for coming out to play (via <a href="http://redlemona.de">Red Lemonade</a>)! Enjoy Fictionaut—for those who dare to engage, it's a very rewarding experience.

Tim Young – Oct 30, 2011

I'm going to write on my wall first because I want to send a big Thanks to Marcus Speh for helping me arrive.

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