said the fury to the shade

by strannikov

approach, shade, from dark infernal depths,

acquaint your sight with gloom―

behold torments afresh!


let competitions in crime ensue

let every madness bring

let every sword be drawn

let every furious rage flow free

let anger know no shame

let all blind rage inflame

let their fathers' frenzies guide them down

let genetic sin spread

let vanities infect

let there be no time to nourish grief―

kill every fresh offense

punish every crime new

let bloody houses divide and fall

let power defeat them

let status corrupt them

let rulers preside over ruin

let ruined grope to rule

let thrones be tossed to waves

let all learning die out among them

let all libraries burn

let no music console

paroled from prisons let crimes escape

let jails' lessons be spilled

let manacles' grips break

let families' members each other dread

let mothers loathe their babes

let fathers sleep in sweat

let corruptions of taste and of blood

weigh children with dread weights

let children dread their sires

let vile death come for vile children born

let sisters menace sons

let brothers rise in rage

let doctors spread wide pandemic plague

let long droughts scorch and burn

let every hunger starve

let love and law perish from the earth

let nations export war

let blood drown every land

let the stars themselves be stained with blood

let eyeballs swim in blood

let all flames turn to red

let lasting night blight the entire sphere

let day fall to its death

let night sit on the sun

let every spite each slaughter each death

fill every house with rage

venom and poison spit:


let these festivities all commence

let no one wait to see―

every fury, begin!