Sunlight Falling Directly On Her Body

by Jerry Ratch

The fine blond hairs lift slightly along the skin of your arms 

As you nod, listening to him. The veins 

On your arms standing up as well 

I was caught in an off moment because of your skin 

Because of the way moisture beads up on it 

The youthful fingers, long and thin 

As the shadow cuts across your hand in sunlight at the café 


Skinny in your tight black dress 

Your narrow bony hands, the shadows 

Playing between the fingers 

Black hair damp around your ears 

Keys on the table 

Drinking coffee from a glass 

The flesh seems to get brighter at your breast 

Where it turns away the light 

Traveling down the muscle 

That outlines the heart 


Couples strolling along the avenue outside 

I see their faces as they blend into the future 

Or sitting beside each other 

In cafes. I can see how their bones 

Might go together. Their broad features 


Or else… 

Or else this one's alone now 

A girl in a blue dress at the cafe table 

With black hair, staring ahead 

Slight smile occasionally passing over her face 

And she shakes her head, staring, looking inward 

Living alone now. Remembering 


Maybe she had a pleasant college experience 

And the house where she is staying reminds her 

Of her physical relationship, having sex in her room 

It having the same kind of light 


Midday sun coming through the windows above her bed 

And across the room, so that she can 

Look out into the trees, at the same time 

Having sunlight falling directly on her body 

Directly on her body