Sinking in Half-empty Glasses

by Ellie Lee

I think it over,


sleepless, I am over-drinking


in half-empty glasses

slink into your silken passes.


I'm in

and here's a kiss for you,

near-miss for you,

my hit on late night bliss

with you.


 We touch, reach out

again through booze fuelled haze,

our dog days ablaze

burn, baby, burn

turn to me


make me

believe in make-believe.


And in the glow, in the embers

she remembers.



when, crazy then,

truth or dare, they didn't care

just wanted to share each other,

and be given, feast on the forbidden

forever forgiven.

And all those years in between - what might have been.

It's crazy still I know.

So we ride it, hide it,

twice denied

it's so fucking hard to keep it all inside.

I tried.


Oh,  I  tried. It's madness.

It's madness you said to me once,

a kind of madness.

And now I think

I understand.