Our Dreams Were Their Feathers

by Jerry Ratch


The blue moon is dangling

by a thread tonight.

I close my eyes

and listen to it undress.


Your halo fell around your ankles

and you became see-through,

but there's a vast gulf between being pretty,

and pretty dangerous.


Still, I've seen worse.

And you may have lived

that part of life I forgot to live already.


Just remember me

when the hard tower of good words fails you

and you're about to begin

sucking down the cream of someone else's heart.


Because when we were together,

various birds were all around us

and our dreams were their feathers.


They flew beside us for the warmth

of the wind from numerous ages

where we had lived before.


Finally I can see

what was in your head.

I see all the glass images

in your mind.

Our dreams were your feathers.