by Bill Yarrow

Write a poem beginning with the word "bed" in which the word "horse" or "alpine" appears in the seventh line.

Write a poem in which fraternal twins each marry accountants.

Write a poem in which the last letter of the third word in every line spells out your home state.

Write a poem in which your father is a dog and you are his leash.

Write a poem containing seven six-syllable words found in your favorite cookbook.

Write a poem of 10,000 lines in which prime numbers figure illogically.

Write a poem whose first word is also its last word, whose second word is also its eleventh word, whose forty-fifth word is also its sixth, seventeenth, and thirty-ninth word, and whose one-hundredth word is a foreign word.

Write a poem in which Christian missionaries become dry cleaners.

Write a poem whose refrain is any three non-consecutive lines from Blake's "Milton."  

Write a poem in which Cinderella is imprisoned for tax fraud.

Write a poem whose total syllables number 613.

Write a poem in which the narrator is the weather.

Write a poem in which the spirit of your dead cat tells you what to write your next poem about.

Write a poem that does not contain the color pink.