Isn't It Funny How Some People Don't Think They're Contemptibly Stupid?

by Smiley McGrouchpants, Jr-Esq-III

                   "Yell, well I . . . just have my voice ascend in pitch and squeak sometimes . . . teach kids 'cause I can't handle life? . . . good thing for the family's trust fund . . . ahem . . . excuse me . . .

                                                             THE END

P.S. Some professors do it out of commitment to craft! They aren't just avoiding life. Isn't that amazing.

P.P.S. Jon Bon Jovi is King of America. And Millennials can't add without a calculator. Apparently.
                   Well, maybe some of 'em can. Like 2%. But don't expect them to do the math on that though.
                   They never watched "In Search Of . . . " or "The Electric Company" or read . . . well, period. Much.
                   Ha ha!
                   Our future's in flames.
                   Become a Situationist, or despair.