Fungi light/ Fungi Language

by Darryl Price

I'm sitting in the dark of my 
own kitchen, because it is dark 
outside, not from night but from clouds. 
I guess that's where I'll start talking 
from. This isn't about you. I'm 
not sure it's even about me. 
It's probably about the all  
or nothing, since everything is 

connected to everything else,
through the mycorrhizal fungi 
that covers the earth, inside and 
far outside the lingering shine 
of stardust in our veins. Why do 
you think music travels so far 
and fast? It's the most common form
of a common language. It 

arrives scattering in our brains
like a waterfall of lightning. 
I'm sitting in the dark, but they 
still tell me I am being filled 
with angelic light from within, 
the good magic kingdom of our 
heaven. It's in the cells of my 
body and the atoms whirling 

me through space and time, like a loose 
fleshy satellite or a spy 
balloon. A time bomb, if you will, 
waiting to explode or slowly 
decompose. But how does this help 
any of us in the sacred 
quest to find love? I'm thinking it's 
there to remind us to not take 

everything so seriously. 
But that could be just me making 
poor excuses for sitting here 
in the dark. The fungi says not 
to worry, everything's working 
perfectly, to correct the screwed 
up pathways in and around us, 
above and below us. But how 

does this help any of us to 
be loved? I'm sure there's a really 
neat science explanation for 
it, but I'd like to hear it from 
the factory man or woman
first. I don't believe in Kings. I
don't believe in fascist churches. 
I trust my own deepest feelings.

2 Bonus poems:

The Waterfalls by Darryl Price

We stand among stars. We live surrounded
by trees on all sides. Clouds roll over our

heads on painter's wheels. Leaves sprinkle on our 
street. Today's wind is a wild hog! Birds fly
in and out of our lives on rays of shine,

like flashes of lightning bugs. The moon sets
up her tent in our field of vision. We 

walk among stars. We flow with all growing
things. There is something alive beneath our

feet. There is something alive in our eyes
that sees itself in all other eyes. There's
something in motion at all times, and in

all places, even our thoughts, even dreams. 
We are among stones. We're being carried

over the waterfalls. We rise and shine,
like a rainbow, stretching its fingers in

celebration of everything and of 
nothing. We're in stardust. Something's pouring
into us. Great Forests are trying to
reach us to tell us something important.  
The ocean releases a small bubble.

A pebble lets go of a stream. Somewhere
an owl sits in silence. Listening clouds

tower over us, let it rain. We run
and laugh, soak to the bone. Right here we are
among the stars, throwing them down like bones
into a teacup, looking for stories 
to tell. Wisdom to know what to believe.

George Harrison's birthday 

The Sadness (Never) Takes A Holiday

by Darryl Price

The sadness takes a direct hit 
on some, but we all feel it. The 
ocean never stops reaching, and 
crawling up onto sand, but then 
falls back with perfectly timed grace. 
Some people come face to face with 
fire breathing evil, they are 
the front lines of humanity, 

but they are not alone as long 
as we walk on this earthly orb. 
The universe will do what it 
takes to balance its whole self out, 
however long it takes, and we 
will do whatever we can to 
remain true to ourselves and each 
other. But the sorrow is such 

a harsh burden for some that we 
instead choose the illusion of 
material goods over help, 
not because we are weak, but we 
are afraid. Not today. Let us 
remember now that even the 
smallest thing may bring us to joy 
again by being no more than 

here with us on the battlefield. 
Open flowers, new budding trees. 
Changing skies and rolling earth. Wind 
and rain. Sunshine. Stars. Little hands 
that need holding. Old faces to 
kiss. Aching arms to wrap and be 
closely held. Songs to sing. Bunches 
of birds sailing through clouds, and tree 

limbs trying to catch them. And as 
always, the light in our eyes. That 
is the true victory. That we
are home, no matter where we find
ourselves next. That we are ever
signaling our unity to
everyone everywhere. That we
believe in love over all hate.