by Darryl Price


In his head he thinks oh whatever when I wake this time

I shall have a very fine discussion with

Someone special, oh but finding meaning in anything nowadays that's

Just too much rich flattery, isn't it, filthy mirror? Inside


His head's crowded room he thinks look at me I am writing like

A New York genius, but really he is

A common bore, specific, comatose, delicate and ordinary, dull

As an unpublished art book on blue frogs. In his headspace alone


He thinks this time as I open the

Door and step out I won't forget to

Watch for pterodactyls. To himself he sounds strangely

Lecherous. In his mind the crumbs of madness dance,


A bitter disappointment built up over time, he's

Almost sure he will maintain a safe distance

From now on. In his head, he thinks

When did this happen to me? In his


Head, a big thirst, unquenchable. In his head

He thinks why should I be such a

Damned fool all the time? In his head, he meant to

Photograph the birds-like flowers. In his head, he


Could see what the children said coming true.

In his head-ache he thinks what art can

Possibly wash away unhappiness this deep and wide?

In his head, behind his eyes, he sees


The dense dark trees making their case against

All the doves in his heart. He wasn't

Entirely innocent. In his heart, good fellow, he

marvels at the capacity to not completely disappear from this terrible worldview. 

Bonus poems:

Cartooning for the High-Brow Beginner by Darryl Price

"Climb in the back with your head in the clouds, and you're gone"

The Beatles


It's a laugh. Can't you take that small fact, and run

With it? You must start somewhere. You don't just

Finish at the lead. The adventure is

Inherent in all things, but the central

Button may be hidden in plain sight. That's


Part of the funny dharma. Draw what you like. No one

Is holding a gun to your head, but you;

And if they are, you know where you belong in their scheme of things.

It's a laugh. But the danger, but the pain,

But the sorrow, but the trains, but the silence,


The nuclear towns, on your knees, boys and girls,on your faces.

It's a laugh. Start digging, peel away the hideous

Wall paper, the chipping clouds, the fossilized stars Your clenched fist is

The wanting spoon, your forehead the sly foxy fork. The regime

Just repeats itself over and over. It's a laugh. Look for


Yourself. Everything is a two-edged sword

Waiting for the next throat, to drink the blood,

To drop the ripe moon in one swing. Take your time to taste it.

It's a laugh. It's another necessary good-bye. Not always

A sweet lullaby. Maybe you'll be one of


the lucky ones. It's still a laugh. The color

of the sky when you aren't looking. The color of a flower mixed in with everything else.

The color of a gathering of voices. I was here and

Now I'm not, but we're still having this grand same

Color together like we are possessed of something like miracles.   


The Little Jokes by Darryl Price


They come into your room when

you are sleeping. They tell you

how much they love you when you

are all alone and just not into

listening. They sit at your

forgone writing table with

their fragile empty cups of

childhood tea. They glide down the

ever glorious moonbeams

and tumble on the buttoned

down enemy grass for hours.

You may or may not reach for

a sad drink of water. The

gray windows are gaping like

warped carnival mouths, but that

doesn't say you must go inside


to the party. Everything

is an invitation to

a knife fight. They start gently

tapping on the quiet walls

like ectoplasmic drummers

looking for the start of a

brand new kind of river song.

It is being alone with

someone that makes all the real

difference any way. It

always has. That's what we look

to heaven for—that thrilling

notorious moment of

pure escape for two. It's not

the stolen kiss, it's the kiss

in that place where no one is


watching and no one's afraid,

crying over cold memories.

No wonder the glad lovers

piss us off so much, spooning

each other in the sun, and

singing sweetly to the sore

oozing world around them with

every step forward. It makes the

rest of us look like we are

made of crumbling manure

and not much more. They come and

they multiply. They fill each directional space

like wild horses on a hot

trail of hormonal rampage.

I take my place willingly.

I once burned on that same hill.