Paying for Dinner at a French Restaurant So You Will Love Me


What does she have 
that I don't have
that I can't buy
for myself?

Money can buy anything,
and I have money. 

I use money as wallpaper in my house
just because the banks tell me
injecting that much into the economy
will break it. 

The bank manager knelt down
called me sir and kissed my shoe
just to prevent me from making a deposit. 

To buy a Beemer I had to
tear off a good chunk from the dining room,
and now there is a hole there
showing bare plaster. 

I bought a human
and he is in the process of 
lining up dollar bills, 
arranged neatly, side by side,
until that hole is patched up:
two thousand eyes staring at me
as I sip smoldering soup:
the entrails of an endangered species,
coupled with my tears.

The people on the money
laugh at me when I look away.
They don't know I can hear them.

Tell me. 

I will buy the Earth
and have you pay rent
in kisses. 

Either that
or move to the Sun.