Release My Pajamas

by Jerry Ratch


Early to bed, early to rise

Makes a man dumber than

An old rooster in disguise

So just release my pajamas



I ain't asking for much

Just release my pajamas

Give me your salads

Your omelets, your huddled masses

Also, please pass the molasses


Okay, if you can't do any of that

At least release my pajamas

I ain't asking for much

Just release my pajamas

For God's sake


I Heard the Rooster faint

Yeah, I heard the rooster faint

But if you think I'm happy, I ain't

So just release my pajamas

Pretty please


Okay, yeah, that's me

Shown here in pajamas

Asleep at the human wheel

Just as I slipped

On a banana peel


And you may have heard a little squeal

Coming out of this big church tent

But then I heard them saying

 “You may now spank the bride”

Boy, that must have been one strange wedding!


And then I heard

 “Yea, for I have seen the Father

The Son, and the Holy Toast”

Okay now, something up was weird

Inside that ole tent


So, pretty, pretty please just release my pajamas

So I can get the heck outta here

Before something else gets weird

And we may all have to

Spank the bride, spank the bride, spank the bride