Girl With Glasses And Skinny Fingers

by Tim G. Young

Girl with glasses and
skinny fingers
playing with wires
Next to the blonde
with the Large chest
While androgynous person 
deals solitaire 
Me sipping Tower Station
DJ is down tempo
with vinyl
My poster is stuck on the wall twice

Now there is a new guy
on either side of me
One beer tap
also reads Blonde 
in block letters
the glasses girl
has now fashioned wires
Into some kind of shape
looking like an earring to me

The two new guys now gone
one girl with a pizza box
Taken their place
Heavy bass on DJ
in my gut and feet
2020 a month old

Sorry I missed
the spoken word
before I arrived
boss said it pissed off
some trump supporters
"too bad,"I said

Too bad there are no lyrics
in the DJ set
Look how fucking politics
have seeped into my poem
Another Saturday night lost
in the stars
Bartender tosses rag into the bin...