Christine Daffe

Location Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

About Me

I express myself in a heavily accented and often grammatically incorrect English, but I have been writing in English since August 7, 2010. I like to see what it elicits. I dedicate my writings to those people (millions) who do not speak their mother tongue anymore, who have to speak, to read and to write in English.

Why do you write?

My very first memory was when I was (in France) telling myself a story instead of having an afternoon nap. I was five, maybe less. The voice came out loud and clear in my head and I thought it was a woman's voice.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Oh yes, I have many! I have a crush on Stefan Zweig these days.

Christine Daffe's Wall

Tim G. Young – Sep 08, 2012


Hi. So glad you were in the mood for Melanie. I was paging through one of my notebooks and found it this morning. It was a pleasant surprise. Thanks!

M. F. Sullivan – Sep 08, 2012

Thanks for your comment on 'Schizoid Love Story', Christine! That's the best reason to like a story, if you ask me.

Steve Finan – Sep 05, 2012

With respect, apologies for theft and with thanks.
I present Glorious Zinzins.
See "Recently Published" page

strannikov – Sep 03, 2012

Merci, Christine, merci bien! I prefer to think that I did not merely carry solitude with me to Paris, but I came away having seen it on display. Not helped by my American-bred monolinguism, but not hurt by it exceptionally the few days I was there, either. My great hope remains that this piece would translate at least adequately into French. --My closing appreciation may only succeed at grotesquerie, nevertheless: Vive Christine!

Darryl Price – Sep 03, 2012


Christine Daffe – Aug 30, 2012

Merci, Robert. Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to reading and sharing lots of stories on this site.

Robert Vaughan – Aug 28, 2012

Welcome to Fictionaut, Christine!

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