....blue trains running....

by Samuel Derrick Rosen

Cities engaged in vengeance kiss,
vulgar lips of power,
people asking if the sun is red,
people asking,
bridges rust
in a mortal peace,
to modulating martyrs
the all there is that is

the painted
cursed and shunned,
dog temples,
heartbreak stations,
purple knowledge
in2 the great white opens

blue trains running, running,
for the minds that count 2 ten,
forever ten,
their illusions unused,
their pedantry
of no more tears, their 
androgyny not in a million years of

blue trains running,
beyond Nostradamus,
Berlin, Tokyo,
Cydonia, Cetus,
blue trains running,

beyond blood sugar levels,
across the Nevermind
and leftovers of Majik,
in the gardens of sound and words
like awe and blue and train and running and and.