by Kitty Boots

Norwegian fijord horses are tough
but will founder on spring grass
too lush

Medina, green-eyed, beautiful desert-daughter is not self-conscious in her head scarf
Aziz will not return to the souks of Morocco
he may leave for Baltimore

the Salvadorans have asked for English lessons
the kitchen is a prison
Mansoor is in college studying film making
Ayalah studies in Dubai
Suliman reads stacks of books and eats candy bars
as I share hugs and tears with his mother

the grandmothers are proud
there are too few grandfathers
Bonafacio has five daughters, he says,
"they are making me poor!"
the eldest one helps him make copies of all his papers

bees are confused because of the whacked-out winter
Jasmine, trans, is lovelier each day
she still likes baseball and has already gotten a pedicure for Spring

Kelly remains in hiding
she fears the men in pick-up trucks with snakes on their license plates
the bathroom petition at church, the Turkey Shoot

Danny is taking his son to the reservation
some of the Old Ones still speak the language
and he does not trust the history books to tell the truth
he wants Joseph to hear the Trickster stories
he wants to see him on a shaggy pony, braids flying
wearing an eagle feather

Arturo is operating a backhoe
his roofing crew went back to their villages
Sancho was sleeping with their wives

Maria's hens are laying well, she brings me eggs
I try to explain Ground Hog Day to her
she gives me a puzzled look