Frozen Shells

by Darryl Price


I had some words, but the truth is they don't mean a

thing because whatever it is I was trying

to say to you always crumbles to the ground in


front of you. I had some words, but the bullying

wind was stronger than me and ripped them right out of

my trembling hand like random insignificant


wooden sticks. I picked them up, but as you can see they

don't make quite as beautiful a gift anymore.

I don't want to arrive at your door with just an


empty box full of the emperor's clearly gone

ridiculous reasons. The truth is I had some

red words once to pour you a glass, but that bottle


is far out to sea by now. I had some words once

deeply lost in the sad childhood jungle and they

somehow made it out alive only to be run


over by an adult drunk driver.  I had some

perfect words, but without the heart to put a lid

on that loud silent jar, gleefully I watched them


all escape back into the dreamy night above

your lying head. You can still see them arriving

if you look up there. I had some words, but they grew


stuck between the cracks and only looked like lonely

flags waving above empty battlements. They have

struck to the ground like burrowing arrowheads, like


frozen shells, even if I could dig deep enough

to reach them again I'm sure you'd be appalled that

I still remember something important about you.  

Bonus Poems:

Light the Darkness by Darryl Price


The mystery doesn't quit just because

You're not very good at taking care of

The world. The mystery contains love, but

It never shows up in the same place twice.


The mystery enjoys your guessing at

Its name, several times you came pretty

Close, but the true nature continues to

Be pronounced. There's always going to be


Greedy monks who want to whisper into

The ear of the one beyond all starry

Histories. The mystery is easy

To get lost inside. You'll have to use your


Own light to see the path clearly. When you

Borrow light the darkness is waiting for

You to run out of time. The mystery

Will not interfere with the wolves, but the


Moon may be used to discern an answer.

The mystery is saying everything

Even before you are dreaming of right

Words. The mystery knows of your heartaches.


The mystery is full of hope, but hope

Is full of danger, so if you are not

Going to be brave, it will not help you.

The mystery asks for your acceptance.


When you go into a partnership with

The mystery you become instantly

Aware of the connection between all

Beings, even those made of rock, even


Those who appear as clouds, or rays of light.  

The mystery is not a member of

Your patriotism, your church or your

Mind. It is completely free of restraint.


It is wild. You cannot tame it. It lasts

Forever. The mystery comes to you

Standing on its own feet, even as you

Choose the face. Look deep into those eyes and


See yourself. The mystery has as much

A sense of humor as you have, joy as

You, as much cold cruelty. The mystery

Is a sign that all is not yet over.   

The Beautiful Sensation of Flying by Darryl Price


I know you must have tried. It's harder than

It looks, and it looks impossible. But that

Doesn't mean we won't do it. It only means we

Don't know the result of our hopes until


They manifest themselves in us. They are

Trying, too. The pain is real, but it's not the

Solution. Love is the thing that'll remind us

Of the center of our dreams. I choose you.


There are other faces, other bodies,

Other persons all around, but I see you

First, I see you the most clearly, I see you

Like a brighter sun, and to deny that


Is to deny everything its own free

Joy. I don't know what any of it means in

The grand scheme, but I'm glad at least I know this

Much about nothing. I accept it, strange


Terms and all. There is no hesitation

On my part. The light gets in. We're together.

The paths may find themselves wandering, but in

My heart I know where they are going to


End up. I close my eyes, preparing for

The sensation of falling, but instead am

Surprised by the beautiful sensation of

Flying, on your ship, with your crew, at last.  



 Your Eyes


In your eyes there is enough to believe

In your eyes no one can lie. In

Your eyes there is a future big enough

For everyone. In your eyes is happy meaning.


In your eyes the stone hearts come alive

In those beams. In your eyes all hearts

Are returned. In your eyes your dreams are

Starting to blossom. In your eyes the garden


Is revealed. In your eyes the weapons are

Melting. In your eyes the story has begun.

In your eyes those lost to the world

Have suddenly returned. In your eyes I am


Real. In your eyes the clouds have parted.

In your eyes we can take our time.

In your eyes we are flying home. In

Your eyes no explanation is expected. In your


Eyes no expectation is given more weight than

We can handle with grace. In your eyes

The war is forgiven. In your eyes the

Children are free. In your eyes the here


And now contains every possibility for tomorrow. In

Your eyes there is today. In your eyes

I can feel the sun and the wind.

In your eyes the sweetest sign is showing.