My Belgian Waffle-Hound: Song

by Jerry Ratch


I was walking my Belgian Waffle-Hound

Past the Belgian waffle shop

I found a penny on the ground

And did a tiny little hop


I spun around and went inside

The Belgian waffle shop

And bought a little waffle

For my Belgian Waffle-Hound


We went outside and sat right down

Outside the Belgian waffle shop

I met a lass sitting on her ass

Right beside us on the grass


She said, as she looked right at me

“What's that on your scalp?

Some Urban Kelp?”

Yeah, she made fun of me


I paid her no mind

And kept eating my dinner

But my Belgian waffle-hound

Lifted his leg up on her


And away she fled

Like a dog with a sled

And my Belgian waffle-hound

Looked up at me and almost said


“See? Ain't I a better friend

Than she would ever be?”

With those large sad eyes

The best you would ever see


Ah, if only dogs could smile as well

But with that his lip, it curled

All he really had to do

Was lift his leg up on the world


And away she flew

Away she flew