end of january

by Tim G. Young

it's the end, the end of january
the sky cries like a broken toy
able to leap over garbage cans
the mouse eats the cheese
the cat eats the mouse
won't somebody holler please
the end the end of a another january
is anybody taking notes
how does this fucking boat float?
watch out for sharks and reefs razor sharp
watch out for watching out about all the noise
hey did anybody see that star fly by?
about a million light years from home
bowie said five years is all we got
must be something around here
i never knew about
c'mon honey let's go get stoned
the night is falling 
where did you say we were going?
another question mark blocks my vision
i need to turn a corner
to see where i'm going
mark the map well my friend
in case we've been here before
i 'd hate to make the same trip twice
but maybe i could if there was only 
a swig of something nice
oh hell don't let me slide into this rhyming thing
i'd rather wrap my legs around the toilet
and let the cards fly where they may
did i mention I wanted to visit jupiter?
i hear there is so much room there
not even enemies can find one another
and the mcdonalds swear at each other
call me when february makes the scene