It's Legal Here

by Jerry Ratch

You may think it's illegal 

Well, you'd be wrong, ya hear? 

Cause you're just in the wrong 

Neck of the woods 

And it's legal here 

Want some beer? 

Yeah, that's right 

It's legal here 


Don't go opening the door 

Any wider, I know  

You don't really wanna know 

If he's there beside her


Put your shotgun back 

In your truck and go on home 

Go out to the bars and 

Buy some drinks for your friends 

And thank God above 

For your salvation 

You could have saved the nation 

With that behavior 

But you're our savior now 


Well I see flamingoes 

Eating tomatoes 

Now we know what 

Makes them pink 

And I know exactly

What you think

But I'm here to tell you

It's legal here 


So quit making a stink

Put down your drink

Put that shotgun back

On the rack in your truck

Go down to the lake

And take a leak

In fact, take a week

If necessary


Cause your behavior

And your attitude

Is making this whole thing

Seem pretty scary

Just have another drink

Before you end up in the clink


I'm telling you what he done

To your lady-friend, well

I gotta tell you, son

It's kinda legal round here


Just shut your yap

And drink your beer

It's legal where you're from

And it's legal here 


It's legal here 

It's legal there

It's pretty much legal

Most everywhere