confronting the nonconfrontational

by Emily Sparkles

My meager attempts to find and share the truth 
Are met with ignoring or ignorance 
I can no longer tell your difference
Unable to see eye to eye perhaps 
Because you can no longer see 

You borrow words from platforms you could never build
Borrow morals from a party gone sour 
But if the label is right you will trust it
No matter how many facts and experiences confront this
Blatant heresy you call 
Truth and Liberty 

You've denied even the blood of your own children
For your gods of status quo and security 
Defending a system that serves only you as
Defending all who deserve it

So here's our opportunity
Here's the golden chance for all to speak 
But you linger in the comments liking only those who agree
Again I assert that you clearly cannot see

I am not silent 
But your silence screams louder still