Believing Everything I Read In Your Upturned Eyes

by Darryl Price


It doesn't have to be force grown between

us. We entwine naturally. It's a

good feeling to have a friend who at once

doesn't require a hothouse ceiling laid

between each invisible touch. There's just

wind. There's just rain. There's just sun. There's just you.

There's just me. They may want more. More sailboats.

More soaked clothing. More incidental sad


music coming from strange pungent doorways,

but I like the music of your own self,

so sweet. We entwine naturally. In

shade. In clouds. In swirling blues. I don't care.

They hate anything happy. It's always

been the same. Don't want to make poetry

out of it. I just want to walk down the

same street alive in it. We entwine. Your


candle smile takes me anywhere it wants.

This is the meaning of a life full of

miraculous grace. Let them laugh. I might

agree a twisted tree can be quite the

cynical sight, even cruel, but only

if met with a cold, cold heart. We entwine

and nothing gets crushed out of the picture.

We entwine naturally. I only


freely celebrate the fact because I'm

joining in with the chorus already

in progress in your eyes. Naturally

we entwine. How could it be otherwise?

Let them stare. Let them point. They can't see in

our dream. We entwine and stars begin to

motor up behind golden sunsets like

stage lights. I only want you to know this.dp   

Bonus poems:

     The Flaming Stars by Darryl Price


We met, you can't deny that. Out of all

the fool ways the flaming stars could simply

disintegrate and then sprinkle themselves

over the cooling of eternity,

we met somewhere out on the blue planet's


swirling surface anyhow. How many

curious things are in the way of that

ever happening to us? You could name

just about anything, a soft frozen

butterfly, a faraway hypnotic


whispering drum beat, or an echoing

floating sunset, a drunken rooster, and

the thing could either get in the way of

all pure communication or open

like an Elvish door to let you through and


get you one inch closer to the unique

monument of standing there alone and

together. I get it. There are always

going to be fresh forces pulling us

apart again. But for that meeting they


brought us together. From that time on we

still were flowing over into greater

different oceans of our lives. We met,

and that brought me a sort of painful kind

of permanent joy, I guess because I'm


still looking at the disappearing spot

where you left me. No one else seems to mind.

They pretty much are over it. Only

poets seem to remember such things as

songs to commemorate such a friendship.    dp

A Message From The Road

by Darryl Price


There is no other message now that means more besides

the love we all can feel. Sometimes it comes to

us and at other times it comes from us, but

only because a heart somewhere is opening. At that point


we have an easy hard choice to make, either to

accept that lucky grace and be thankful for it or

to childishly reject it in the name of pride or

arrogance. Even though that is mostly true, it's also true


that many of our actions have been made sadder by

our own fears. The virus of fear is a mighty

sore symptom of misunderstanding and blocked thought, but it doesn't

need to overwhelm who you are to yourself-- because the


love remains where you are as a being, too, always.

It simply requires your meaningful participation, your free yes despite

the pain and suffering you may be experiencing at any

given moment. Give what you can into the spirit of


love wherever you are standing, sitting or lying down today.

There's no amount too small, no amount ever rejected or

sent back for more. You will receive it again somewhere

somehow tenfold because it is generous in its central nature.


It's no trick of the imagination. It is the very

instantly recognizable action of kindness. Any kindness. Any kind thought.

Any kind word. Any compassion. Any empathy. It moves the

universe in a more beautiful direction, away from pitiful bitterness


and into a worldwide celebration of inclusion and toleration, not

exclusion and loneliness, nor just simply selfish desire. It always

has, as it always will be the voice of mercy

and goodwill in each circumstance.  And it is just as


much you as it is me or anyone else. Please 

so won't you show some hope with us in your 

own dignified and special way of doing things, a way 

that most easily opens your own heart without hesitation?  Thanks.