Express Lane

by Marlan Warren

"What happened to the Starbucks?"

the white haired lady in front of me

Asked the guy in front of her.

He mumbled. She mumbled.

The cashier kept moving stuff.

Her turn.

"Is it closed for good?" she asked me.


"Oh look at this..." Showing me her snapped mask string.

Guy behind me grunted.

I told her Daiso next door has masks.

"My earring," she said. "It got caught."

"Come ON," he grunted.

And they are made so flimsy but I have a big box like 50 at home but what good does that do me now? I can't believe the Starbucks is closed for good...

She had paid, but she hurried off

leaving behind her groceries

and a Starbucks cup

that was half full.

I hurried my transaction

But caught a glimpse

The Guy Behind Me

only had one item.

And he looked too young

to fully grasp